Joining School in the Woods is an opportunity for High School Sophomores/Juniors to spend a semester participating in a unique learning experience. Living on a 740 acre campus in the woods, students earn high school credit studying and working along side visionary scientists and artists. Their semester culminates in the creation of a capstone project, a project that students bring home and apply to their own communities.

At School in the Woods, students receive hands-on education in innovative design, social justice movements, forest management, field data collection, nature based art projects and farm to table preparation/production.

Over their semester, students become an integral part of a community. A community that intentionally works towards developing a greater sense of self-confidence and cooperation, grounded in the philosophy of permaculture and system design. At School in the Woods, students learn how organize people and design sustainable systems to help better society.

School in the Woods welcomes students from all walks of life; regardless of their nationality, religion, gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, race or socioeconomic status. We embrace inclusiveness and strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.

Grounded in STEAM-focused college-preparatory curriculum, School in the Woods integrates:

  • The study of art, social justice, nature writing & literature and ecological engineering and design.
  • Field lab environmental science and data collection.
  • Exposure to careers in related fields.
  • Training in teamwork and leadership.
  • Engagement with the outdoors and food production.
  • Community service and ethical action.
  • The study of art and science in an outdoor setting.


To cultivate creative discovery and natural curiosity in order to empower students to become the leaders and stewards of tomorrow, through the use of inquiry-based curriculum rooted in the exploration and celebration of our local ecology.


253 Bushy Hill Road – Ivoryton – CT – 06442

School in the Woods is a program of Incarnation CenterIncarnation Center


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